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Promoting and Marketing your Website

So your website is finished, it’s a stunning piece of artwork that perfectly shows how professional your company is... so why is no one visiting it?

Getting the website built and put live is just the first part of any website project. From then on the website needs promoting and pushing out to your customers. At WH Internet we can advise you on the best ways to do this. Most is just common sense advertising methods however there are some things we can do for you that will help.

Search Engine Optimisation
Our websites are all built using correct web standards. Whilst this may not sound relevant it means that your site has already been coded correctly. What this means is that when the search engine spiders come to index your site they can simply follow the code we have written to index the pages of your website efficiently and categorising each page using the relevant content and descriptions that you provided to us and we scrutinised.

Getting to the top of Google is big business and no company can guarantee your listing at the top of the results... however there are both paid and natural measures that can be taken to improve your sites page listing for your desired keywords.

Website Reporting
For a fixed monthly fee we can provide you with detailed reports of how your site is doing in terms of visits, keywords used to find your site, your most popular pages and even the geographical location of your users. We use this using Google’s sophisticated Analytics system. Whilst setting your site up on the system is free, by taking out this service you receive detailed statistics sent straight to your Inbox at the start of every month. We take the hassle out of running the reports, leaving you to focus on your business.

To add website reporting to your order, simply ensure that “Yes” is selected on the Order Form

Email Newsletters
Getting your site noticed is a hard task. One way of ensuring that customers see the information you want is to create email newsletters that they can sign up to. eNewsletters are a straightforward way of getting your message to your customers and driving extra visitors to your website.

As part of this service we can deal with the design of your mail shots, the regularity of them and also the handling and upkeep of the mailing lists. Whilst at all times taking care to ensure that your advertising methods are not being interpreted as spam and driving customers away from your website and your business.

Offline Marketing
Although our primary business focus is online promotion we can also assist you with offline marketing method to help promote your website. Our design skills ensure that any company branding of offline goods such as stationery can be handled with care and attention.

We can also help you with the more traditional methods of printed marketing such as leaflets, flyers and adverts.

Whatever you’re looking for, contact us for more information or list your requirements in your order.