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Website Maintenance Service

Keeping your website up-to-date is just as important as the design, build and promotion of it. The web industry is fast paced and it doesn’t take too long for a website to look and feel old. Keeping the content of your site new and fresh will also encourage visitors to come back and regularly use your site - a natural way of increasing your websites popularity with the search engines and giving you the edge over your competitors.

As part of our web service to you we offer maintenance on not just the sites we have designed, but also ones that have been built elsewhere.

Our maintenance service can include updates to content, graphical changes, the addition of new pages and features and minor layout changes to your site. We can handle everything that falls in a maintenance capacity rather than a re-design capacity.

Our maintenance contracts can be tailored to suit your sites’ needs. If you require only small updates every so often then we keep track of our hours worked on the site and invoice you every quarter with details of the costs and changes made. Alternatively if you have a larger site that requires updates often you can negotiate with us a monthly fee which incorporates all maintenance hours.

We treat every site on an individual basis, so contact us or order today if you’d like to take advantage of our maintenance service.